These Are the Rarest Beanie Babies to Look Out For

rarest beanie babies

Beanie baby collections were all the rave in the 90s. If you had such a collection back then, you may be able to make a profit today. In this article, we cover some of the rarest beanie babies and their value. We compiled the estimated values of these five rare beanie babies using information from Mental […]

The Princess Diana Beanie Baby and 3 Other Iconic Editions

princess diana beanie baby

Hundreds of unique Beanie Baby editions have been produced since the “original nine” first appeared in 1994, yet none have gone down in infamy like the Princess Diana Beanie Baby.  While no conversation about Beanie Babies would be complete without acknowledging the Princess Bear, there are plenty of other iconic Beanie Babies with fascinating stories.  Read on […]

5 of The Most Expensive Beanie Babies

expensive beanie babies

Ever since the 1990s, Beanie Babies have been a worldwide collecting phenomenon. Scores of people rushed to buy, collect, and display these cute plushies. But which of them are worth collecting, and which are just another stuffed animal? Here are 5 of the most expensive Beanie Babies that you should keep an eye out for. […]

First Edition Beanie Babies: How to Identify Them

first edition beanie babies

The most expensive Beanie Baby set in the world is currently valued at $600,000. That’s nothing to scoff at, so if you’ve got Beanie Babies in the attic, it’s time to check them out! There have been tons of Beanie Babies created over the years, though. If you’re hoping to find one that has value, […]

The Best Place to Sell Your Beanie Baby

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If you have ever owned a Discman, Tamagotchi, Beanie Baby, designer yo-yo, or even an AOL account, well, you might have grown up in the 90s. If you have a box full of your Beanie Babies gathering dust in the attic, then it is time to dust off the box and consider selling your Beanie Baby collection.  If […]

Beanie Baby Appraisal: The Important Valuation Factors

Beanie Baby appraisal

Did you know you can sell Beanie Babies for thousands of dollars? Sending your plush toys in for a Beanie Baby appraisal could be the best financial decision of your life if you have the right rare Beanie Babies. Many people have some of these valuable toys sitting on their shelves at home with no […]

A Quick History of the Beanie Baby

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In the 1990s, most millennials expected to build their empires out of beanie babies. The supply and demand for these toys surpassed the majority of the toy market. There was hardly a household that didn’t own at least one of these bean-filled animals. What not too many people knew was that the beanie baby company began […]

5 Beanie Babies That Could Make You Rich

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If you were a kid in the 90s, beanie babies were all the rage. These cute characters came in all shapes and sizes. In a collector’s eyes, this means dollar signs. Beauty is in the eye of the collector. What makes something more sought-after than other pieces? It is a combination of rarity and uniqueness. […]

How to Make Money Selling Beanie Babies

selling beanie babies

Beanie Babies took the world by storm in the 90’s, and still remain one of the most popular forms of collectibles. People love these stuffed animals, and the kids that grew up with them are now adults with their own kids and plenty of discretionary income. Because of this and the evolution of the internet, […]

Top 10 Beanie Babies That Are Worth Money (A LOT of Money!)

beanie babies that are worth money

If you were a 90s kid, you probably had a Beanie Baby. Those tiny toys filled with bean pellets that used to cost around $5 are now selling for thousands of dollars. While some have said the Beanie Baby craze died in 2015, we’re about to show you that’s completely wrong. Now, not every plush […]