Beanie baby collections were all the rave in the 90s. If you had such a collection back then, you may be able to make a profit today.

In this article, we cover some of the rarest beanie babies and their value. We compiled the estimated values of these five rare beanie babies using information from Mental Floss and Money Inc.

Who knows? You may have one of the rarest beanie babies out there!

1. Princess the Bear Worth $10,000

TY Beanie Babies made this purple bear in honor of Princess Diana after her death to raise money for The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund. Many collectors consider the bear more valuable if it was made with polyvinylchloride (PVC) pellets. Within the past couple of years, a PVC Princess the Bear sold for $10,000.

2. Patti the Platypus Worth $9,000

Patty the Platypus has been sold for as much as $9,000. Collectors are willing to pay such a high price for this platypus because is one of the nine first edition beanie babies

3. Peace the Bear Worth $5,000

Peace the Bears are known to sell for up to $5,000 on websites like eBay. They get their worth because they are so unique.

Peace the Bear was the first beanie baby released with an embroidered emblem. Their tie-dye patterns meant that no two looked the same, and it had many tag variations throughout its run. 

4. Peanut the Elephant Worth $2,500

Peanut the Elephant is valued at up to $2,500 mostly in part to its role in launching the TY Beanie Baby brand into fame. This trumpeting beanie baby was originally made in royal blue that was later changed to a lighter shade of the color. Royal blue Peanut the Elephants are highly sought after by collectors. 

5. Humphrey the Camel Worth $1,000

According to Money Inc., Humphrey the Camel can go for $1,000 or more depending on its condition. The rarity of a beanie baby goes up once the company retires a design, and Humphrey the Camel was in fact the first beanie baby to be retired. 

Valuable Beanie Babies Could Be Not So Valuable 

Just because we list one of these beanie babies here for thousands of dollars, doesn’t mean that you will be able to sell the same beanie baby for that price. The value of a beanie baby depends on many factors such as whether the original tags are still attached, the condition of the beanie baby, and if it is still in its box. 

Common Beanie Babies Could Be Valuable

Common beanie babies made with some kind of mistake could sell for a lot of money. You may own a few unusual beanie babies that come with manufacturing errors or with misspellings on their tags. Collectors are willing to pay big bucks for these unusual creatures. 

Do You Have Some of the Rarest Beanie Babies?

You won’t know if you have some of the rarest beanie babies hiding in storage until you take them out and go through them. It could be worth your time! Sell your beanie babies online from anywhere in the world today. 

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