In the 1990s, most millennials expected to build their empires out of beanie babies. The supply and demand for these toys surpassed the majority of the toy market. There was hardly a household that didn’t own at least one of these bean-filled animals. What not too many people knew was that the beanie baby company began in 1983. A gentleman by the name of H Ty Warner is to thank for this craze.
Interested in learning more about the history of the beanie baby? Here’s your history lesson.

Man Behind the Beans

H Ty Warner wanted to be an actor. With that career not working out, he decided to work for a toy company. Only, the company he’d been a part of letting him go after a couple of years.

Following the end of this career and the loss of his father, Warner invested in a new venture. The beanie baby.

Taking the inheritance left to him by his father, Warner jumped in full in building his product.

Not Quite Roadkill

It was the plastic pellets that sold the toys. The same plastic pellets that competitors compared laughed at. They claimed that they made these animals feel more like roadkill.

They told him that the toys would never sell to children.

It was a toy fair in Atlanta that he ended up selling 30,000 units of these toys. This was far more than anyone had expected him to sell of these toys.

Reason for Riches

Warner’s reasoning for making this endeavor was all for the kids. His intention was to create a toy that children could buy with their own money. These toys were to be sold for around 5 dollars each.

The very first lot of beanie babies included 9 different options. These 9 options quickly grew to 50 options within a single year. ‘

Beanie babies became a craze that every child was after. Not only were these toys that were affordable, but parents expected collectibles. Beanie baby value was expected to skyrocket.

The End

It was in 1999 that Warner released a message and a final bear. This black bear TY was called “The End”.

Many toy buyers believed it was an end to the beanie baby phenomenon. Warner never did expand on what he meant by releasing the end bear.

This is when much of the beanie baby craze seemed to die out. Although, many collectors have plenty to show from the obsession.

The history of beanie baby collecting is deeper than you might have thought. Rare beanie baby enthusiasts still search for certain animals.

Beanie Baby Buzz

Ty Warner made a popular toy out of a fabric stuffed with beans. His toys brought kids everywhere a fun object that they adored.

Warner may not have made it as an actor, but he made a name for himself. Many of these beanie baby toys are worth quite a bit today.

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