HOW IT WORKS is the simple, convenient & safe way to sell your Ty Beanie Babies online from anywhere in the U.S.!

More About Our Process

Step #1 – Reviewing Items & Processing an order
Common Beanie styles are mass produced by Ty, Inc., squeezing out any value you may derive from real collectible items. However, the real “rare” styles (see What is the value of my Ty Beanie Babies) are worth more. prices are based on a number of factors (inventory status, market availability, demand and sale history) governing the resell value of the item at the time the initial request is submitted. As such, to simplify the process Ty products are grouped by model (example: Beanie Baby, Boos, Buddies, etc.) and assigned a buy-back price per piece.

This enables our bulk plush toy buy-back service to be streamlined and transparent to our valued sellers.  

Submit an RFQ | Accept our Proposal | Ship your Merchandise | Get Paid

How to use our site:

  Our site operates on a Request For Quote (RFQ) system, similar to that of 'Carts' on traditional eCommerce websites. Except, after accepting our proposal, YOU SHIP to us and WE PAY you!

  1. Click SELL NOW to begin the sell order request
  2. Locate and select the Ty model you wish to sell
  3. Adjust the quantity and click ADD TO QUOTE  button to add the item to your Request A Quote list
    • Click CONTINUE SELLING to add more items to your list
    • You can review the contents of your Request A Quote list at any time by clicking the Quote icon in the top-right corner  Beanie
    • Include referral phone number (optional)
    • Enter a message (optional)
  4. Click SEND YOUR REQUEST when finish.
Step #2 – After processing the order
After completing the Request A Quote process, you will be issued an RFQ Number. An automated email containing your request for quote details will also be sent to the address on file.

A Sales Associate will review your RFQ and contact you within 24-hrs. This contact is usual a proposal of what we would like to purchase, along with additional instructions on how to drop off or ship your merchandise.

Once we receive your toys, we will count, evaluate each item’s condition to ascertain conformance to our established condition policy, before making payment. For example, we are likely to select only those meeting the mint condition criteria.

Further, we must independently verify the authenticity of these items. In the event we need to change an item price or reject an item, we will confirm that first by email to discuss options. Should you decline to sell your items because of the changes we have proposed, we will honor your wish. You will be provided with the most suitable shipping price for the safe return of your goods.

Prices are subject to daily changes, therefore, once you process your sell order, you are allowed seven days to ship your items at the quoted price.
Step #3 – When the shipment arrives
Upon receipt of your shipment, you will be contacted within 5 business days. At which time, we will confirm your order evaluation and payment release. Payments are issued in one of two methods: PayPal or check.

98.85% of our online submissions are successfully processed.

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