If you do a quick search on the Internet, you will find that there are a number of misleading information online regarding the value of Ty Beanie Babies.

It can get very confusing understanding exactly what beanies are of value, especially with all the variables involved: name, year released, material used, tags, generations etc. It would be easy to manage if only we were talking about a handful of styles, but that is just not the case.

We are certain you have search around a saw some styles such as the Princess Diana Bear Beanie Baby on sale for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars $$$$ and have been trying to find a BUYER for yours ever since. You’ve even been skeptical and cautious about it. The truth is, those sellers have been trying to find a BUYER too.

In the next sections, we will decipher how to value your Beanie Babies

Let’s begin by first setting the foundation of how this works. Beanies Babies are divided into two (2) classifications. They are: Unique & Rare and Common.

A Unique and Rare Beanie Baby, as the term suggests is a hard to find beanie as only a few thousand of its style were ever manufactured. Hence, COLLECTIBLE.

On the other hand, a Common Beanie Baby (also known as Mass-Produced), is one which millions of each style were produced and are easy to find, making them readily available for purchase. Hence, NON-COLLECTIBLE.

Ty Beanie Baby Classifications are tag generation driven. In other words, regardless of the name of beanie and the year of release – the tags (swing and tush) dictates the generation, which determines the classification (it’s true value).

Below we have put together a chart to assist you with identifying Unique & Rare and Common Beanies:

A rare purple bear TY Beanie Baby


This chart is specifically for Ty Beanie Babies and not other models such as: Attic Treasures, Buddies, Boppers, Classics, Pillow Pals, etc.

The chart above should be used as a guild to determine whether you have a truly unique and rare or a common edition. Years and names are not reliable as Ty, Inc. the manufacturer of Ty Beanie Babies have released multiple styles within the same year, of the same name/style. It is only through the tag generation that we can tell at a glance whether you have a collectible beanie in hand.

But don’t just take our word for it, the wonderful folks over at TyCollector.com have been maintaining a thesaurus on Ty Beanie products since 2009 and has an extensive inventory of products including their swing and tush tag generation.

Okay, so now that you are equipped with identifying your beanie classifications, let’s answer that ever burning question, what is the value of my Ty Beanie Baby?

The short answer is, no beanie is worth thousands of dollars today – not even the truly unique and rare editions. That said, PlushCollector.com pays up to a max of $50.00 USD per mint unique and rare beanie with all original tags. We also offer a flat rate per beanie and other models which you can find in our shop.

At PlushCollector.com our goal is to assist you in seamlessly monetizing your collection. Our process is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply register and tell us what you would like to sell. We purchase them all, we simply need to now what you have so we can compensate you accordingly.

Our super user-friendly website is designed to accommodate the sale of a single unique & rare beanie or common, an entire collection of either or you can mix it up if you like.

Here is a brief video demonstrating how to sell to us:

Be sure to checkout other awesome brief videos from us on our How It Works page. Get all the FAQs on our process.

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Till next time!