How does the process work?
Our online buy-back system is safe and secure. For each category of the items we intend to purchase, we list its standard buying price. This guide equips you with enough information to decide what you want to sell us. By adding the items in the Request A Quote list, you select what you want us to buy. After processing the sell order, you are informed on how to deliver the items to us for evaluation. Once approved, it only takes one week to release payment after the receipt of the merchandise in our warehouse.
How will you decide the value of my Ty Beanie Babies, Buddies, Boos, etc.?
Your Ty Beanie Babies, Buddies, Boos, etc. value will be determined based on its overall condition, the presence and generation of its heart-shaped Ty swing and tush tags.
Am I sure of getting paid?
We are a highly reliable and reputable business that has not only been in operation since 2012 but also managed to achieve some of the best rankings on several e-commerce marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. We would also like to highlight that out of around 218,000 reviews across multiple online marketplaces that we received, 98% of the responses are positive.   With the strong backing of a highly versatile and secure business model, SUPERIORTOPOLOGY, LLC is committed to not only providing extraordinary customer experience but also striving hard to maintain long lasting relationships with our discerning clients. We only deal in authentic products that have been produced and supplied by genuine manufacturers. Given the fact that we aim to offer a more personalized touch through one-to-one interactions, our business largely thrives on word of mouth marketing model. With friendly guidance and support from our customer service staff, you can smoothly sail through the process, right from deciding what you want to sell, to delivering the appraised and approved merchandise to our warehouses.   The fact that we incorporate Digital Signatures and 256-bit SSL Certificates to encrypt all our online transactions ensures that your personal and confidential information stays securely guarded with us and is used solely for the purpose of completing your order. Also, we possess full business insurance coverage to protect your interests against potential risks including errors and omissions, professional liability and business owner policies.
What type of payments do you offer?
Our payments are made using the seller’s preferred choice, you may either choose to receive the money via PayPal or via mail in the form of a business check.
How does PayPal work?
One of the most popular and reliable online payment services used around the world nowadays, PayPal allows you to make or accept online payments, both safely and rapidly. With its super convenient, reliable and quick payment procedure, you can safely transfer money to anyone across the globe by simply sending the payment to a registered email id. All individuals having a verified PayPal account are eligible to receive payments for the merchandise they sell on PlushCollector.com through PayPal. You can access the funds in your online PayPal account through a variety of methods. All PlushCollector.com payout transactions made via PayPal will appear on your invoice as “PayPal *SUPERIORTOPOLOGY, LLC”. For more detailed information on PayPal policies and services, please click here.
How do I select my preferred payment method?
You can select your preferred payment method by changing the default setting under My Account | Account Details section.
  • All clients selecting PayPal as their proffered payment method must enter a verified PayPal email id for receiving the payments.
  • All clients selecting business checks as their preferred payment method must enter their accurate billing address, since we mail the checks to the address on record.
When do I make contact regarding my shipment?
Once we receive your shipment at our warehouse, you will be contacted by one of our customer care executives via email within 5-working days of the receipt of your Ty Beanie Baby merchandise. In addition to a confirmation regarding the receipt of your items at our warehouse, the mail will also carry details about pricing and payments. In the event of an unexpected price change or a typographical error in the stated rates, we will contact you with our revised proposal before going ahead with the payment processing.   Once all these formalities are completed, your payment will be released on our end, followed by a confirmation mail to your registered email Id. While all payments made through PayPal are released the same day, it might take somewhere between 2 and 9 days to receive your business checks via regular mail.
Do I need an order processed before delivering my items?
Yes, you will be required to fulfill a sell order online transaction before shipping your merchandise to us. Within 24-hours of your order being processed, we will send you a mail with clear instructions on how you may deliver your merchandise to us
Who pays for shipping?
We provide a prepaid shipping vouchers if your sell order value is of $25 or more. In case it is less than this amount, you are required to pay for the shipment cost. For merchandise whose values are eligible for free shipment, we will provide you with a prepaid USPS/UPS/FedEx label. By printing this label and affixing it on your package, you can simply submit the box at your nearest, respective, drop location. Alternatively, you can contact the courier service to have them picked up from your home or office. There may be a fee for pick services - We are not responsible for this fee. Pickup service fees are about $8 for up to 24x 18" cube boxes. The prepaid service is available for most of the mainland U.S. cities. If your sell order does not qualify for the prepaid service, you may determine your total shipping cost using the USPS Postage Price Calculator. If you reside outside of the U.S., get in touch with us to discuss logistics options before creating your sell order.
What are my options in case an item/order is rejected?
If your collectible does not meet our selection criteria, it will be returned to you. All the orders are evaluated before your offer is accepted. If the condition of the item delivered is bad or if it is a counterfeit, then the item will be rejected. In the unlikely event, we need to adjust our price after you have submitted your sell order, we will notify you via email of this decision to discuss further. If you do not favor the new offer, you are under no obligation to sell it at the new price. We also accept partial sell orders. In case you wish to have your sell order returned, we kindly ask that a "return shipment payment" be made within 30 days of the receipt of the email to this effect. Any delay beyond this period will release us from any responsibility, unless you desire to donate the same to us. Due to real estate constraints, we are obligated to remove any unclaimed items from our warehouse.
How old is the service?
With over 98.85% of successful submissions to boast of, SUPERIORTOPOLOGY, LLC has been one of the leading toy buy-back services successfully operating for over 5 years.
Do you buy merchandise not listed?
Of course! We regularly receive offers for auctioning collectibles that are not listed on the website, and we also accept them if they comply with our condition policies. However, you must make sure to include the following details on a spreadsheet and write an email to us at [email protected].
  • Manufacturer's make and model
  • Total count of each model
  • UPC barcode(if available)
  • Asking price
This information is best organized in a spreadsheet. If you do not have MS Excel, you may also also make use of Sheets. Example: excel-example


How are prices set and why do they change?
We set the offer price ranges depending on the demand and availability of a particular collectible. For instance, plush toys that are high in stock are likely to be priced lower as opposed to the rarer ones that are high in demand and currently out of stock. Also, the more common mass-produced Ty Beanies will attract more competitive rates as compared to the unique and vintage toys that possess a higher market value. Also, the value of Ty Beanie Bears, Babies and Buddies is largely influenced by their overall condition and level of damage incurred by your plush. Typically, the prices keep changing with the changes in the market scenario. However, in order to facilitate prompt delivery, we reserve an agreed upon offer price for two weeks.
Can the items be dropped at your warehouse
It is possible to personally deliver the items offered to our warehouses. This can be best done through the checkout system. However, you need to confirm the most suitable time so that you are not kept in the queue for long. Payment for the approved items will be made as described in our "How are payments made?" section. This will be after the verification process has been completed. It is recommended you check with us first before coming out to our location to establish an available time. imageedit_58_3339406728 SuperiorTopology, LLC also provides free pickup services in the following areas: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. A minimum of 2500x units are required to utilize SuperiorTopology's free pickup service.   Contact us to learn more.
Shipping and Packaging
How do I ship my Merchandise? Typically, all shipments are processed depending upon the number of boxes to be delivered. In case your order is eligible for free prepaid shipping service, you may use the prepaid labels provided to you and drop your packages at the nearest courier facility. Alternatively, you can also arrange for a pick up from your office or home. How do I package my collectibles? Below is our recommendation for packaging your collectibles for efficient and hassle-free delivery:
  • You must keep your Ty Beanie Babies and other toys separate from one another. Also, pack the different models of your Ty Beanie Babies, Buddies and Boos in separate bagging before placing them in your sell order box.
  • Wrap up your plush in polythene bags to protect them from dust and damages during transit. On an average, a medium-sized 18-inch cube box will be able to hold 150 to2 25 plush pieces and should weigh somewhere around 40-70 lbs.