In 2020, the global toy market was worth over $129.45 billion. This market includes plush toys, which are very popular among all ages. This, in turn, has many people buying and selling Beanie Babies and collecting them.

Perhaps you have a collection of Beanie Babies and want to know how to make extra money with them. Where do you start? How would you know if they’re worth it?

Read on to learn how to make extra money with Beanie Babies.

Preparing Your Ty Beanie Babies

Before you do anything with selling Beanie Babies, you must clean and disinfect them with a light brush and a little bit of dish soap. This way, it doesn’t harm the product.

From there, you can dry it by placing the Beanie Baby in a sealed pillow case in a drying machine. It will prevent the sensitive parts from coming off – like the eyes. But if you do this, you risk damaging the tag on the Beanie Baby.

But why is the tag important?

The tag provides a great way to determine the age and quality of Ty Beanie Babies. Here’s how to check if your Beanie Babies are authentic. It includes a list of how to check the tags and eyes of a Beanie Baby.

After determining that Beanie Baby is authentic and clean, you should research how much the price goes. You can compare it to a similar plush toy and see how much it’s going for on other websites. You’re able to look through Amazon, eBay, or our website.

Identify Your Target Market

In a market as niche as Beanie Babies, the regular person wouldn’t know how valuable they are. But an advanced Beanie Baby buyer will be able to identify a rare and valuable collectible. Even so, some Beanie Baby sales were priced over $500,000!

So, it’s best to connect with Beanie Baby collectors and let them know when you’re selling the plush toys. But as you do so, it’s best to stay cautious of buyers looking to purchase your collectibles for a much lower price than they’re worth.

How to Make Extra Money Utilizing Selling Platforms

After identifying your target market, you can put your Beanie Babies for sale on eBay and Facebook. But, you may not have as much reach with your target audience. Some people may comment on a Facebook Beanie Baby sales listing and mock you for the pricing.

You could also take your collection to physical auctions and shows that specialize in collectibles. But, this could take a lot of time that you may not have.

So, selling it on a website dedicated to this niche could be best. For example, people have websites for Funko Pops where they can determine pricing and sell through auctions. But some people may not like online auctions as they can take too long and need their money as quickly as possible.

That’s where we can provide those services for Beanie Babies without the headache of auctions.

Ready to Sell Your Beanie Babies?

Now that you have learned how to make extra money with Beanie Babies, you can prepare the plush toys by cleaning and authenticating them. From there, you’ll have to identify your customer market and try to sell them safely through online platforms, auctions, or shows.

When you’re ready to sell your Beanie Baby collection and need help, contact us to find out how we can help you.

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