You know you are from the 1990s when seeing the words “beanie babies” brings back memories. Turn on the 90’s throwback music, grab a Capri-Sun or Snapple, and take this trip down memory lane with us. 

Gen Z, we see you rolling your eyes but stay with us, your parents could have some of these! We were taught over and over again that our Tys would be worth a small fortune, and those words couldn’t be any more true.

RUN, don’t walk, to your plastic bins and see if you have any of these 5 rare beanie babies! Hopefully, they lasted those loving years with their Ty tags still intact. If you have any of the following, consider cashing in and freeing up some space. 

Rare Beanie Babies 

If you aren’t from the 90s and have no idea what a beanie baby is, it is a small plush with a name and a cute story. There were about 822 types created and some of them have multiple versions. 

They were a lot of people’s very first collection of sorts. In 1999 the craze died down and most beanie babies were forgotten. 

Orange Digger 

The orange Digger crab is one of the rarest and most valuable out there. If it was made in the first year of production then it increases in value and rarity, as long as the tag is still in pristine condition and still attached. Orange Digger was realized in June 1994 and retired in June 1995 with a swing tag generation 4.


Buzzzzz, Bumble the bee is one of the 5 rarest beanie babies. This bee was first released in 1995 and retired in 1996. The regular size Bumble will have a 3rd and 4th generation swing tag and a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation tush tag. 

In 2000, McDonald’s released Bumble as a tennie beanie baby for a limited time. This tennie beanie baby doesn’t have a swish or tush tag generation.


This cute little green, yellow, and brown tie-dye stegosaurus was released on June 3, 1995, and retired almost 3 years later. A true Steg will have 1995 as a copyright year and a swing tag generation 4. He will always have green, yellow, and brown tints so any other color will be fake. 

Grey Happy

Happy is a hippopotamus released in grey and lavender. Grey Happy is the rare one. Gray Happy was released with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation swing tags. Happy was released in 1994 and retired in 1995. 


Pecking is an adorable black and white panda with no birthday or poem. He has 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation swing tags with a 1st generation tush tag. Pecking was released in June 1994 and retired in January 1996.

Beanie Babies 

These are only 5 rare beanie babies out of 800 plus. If you don’t have these 5, don’t cry because there are many more to sort through. Did you like this article or have questions about the toys you have and their value, contact us here

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