People have been collecting Ty’s Beanie Babies since the 1990s. They have increased in value over time and have become significant for collectors to keep and display.

But this didn’t stop the fact that many people have also sold their Beanie Baby collection for a high profit. Some have also been valued at a whopping $600,000!

Maybe you like collecting other things during your spare time, or you’re looking to get into buying and holding some stuffed animals until you can sell them.

But why should you purchase collectible toys? Here are five reasons you should start collecting Beanie Babies in your spare time.

1. Lightweight and Easy to Collect During Your Spare Time

Beanie Babies can range in sizes from 3 inches to 15 inches. Along with their size, they’re also very lightweight, making them easy to collect and store.

Most of these stuffed animals weigh about six ounces, so having 13 Beanie Babies will make up five pounds. To put that into perspective, some people have a Beanie Baby collection of over 23,000 items! They plan to make a museum out of the collectible toys, which can make up a high value.

2. Beanie Babies Are Affordable

Back in the 1990s, Beanie Babies were selling for cheap retail. Nowadays, those same original plush toys are worth a lot. That doesn’t mean the newer Beanie Babies you see in stores today will be expensive, though.

But, there could be an exception to that. You can buy the newer, cheaper Beanie Babies and hold on to them as they can increase in price in the future – just like the ones from the 1990s!

Who knows, maybe you can buy a new Beanie Baby now and find out it was very rare and in excellent condition, increasing its value.

3. Increases in Value Over Time

Classic cars are sought after and collected by many people, increasing their value over decades. Similarly, Beanie Babies will also increase in price over the years. And as long as there is a collector of Beanie Babies around, the stuffed animals will always hold value.

But that doesn’t mean all Beanie Babies will become valuable. You will have to see if it’s rare and find the value of a Beanie Baby to determine its worth.

4. They Can Sell for a Lot

If you own a few rare Beanie Babies, keeping a whole inventory dedicated to these collectible toys can result in profits.

As your collection grows, you can sell the Beanie Babies for cash. As collectors are actively searching to fill their Beanie Baby collection, you’re bound to have someone ask you if they can purchase some.

But it would help if you also kept an eye out for buyer scammers. They can try to ask for a lower price than what the Beanie Babies are worth, and you will lose out on a higher potential earning.

5. Great for Display

Depending on the person, displaying Beanie Babies can be either weird or very satisfying, as many plush toys can be cute. They can be used as decoration or bring character into a room to match its theme.

Also, who doesn’t like showing off their extraordinary collection?

Start Collecting!

Collecting Beanie Babies in your spare time can become an excellent investment in the future. These toys are very lightweight and make for affordable items to collect.

A collection of stuffed animals can increase in value over time, making them a great way to sell Beanie Babies for cash. If you don’t want to sell them, you can keep them for display like a hobbyist.

But if you’re looking to sell your collectible toys and need a safe and secure way, you can start by contacting us today!

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