Quick and Easy
“A great service and communicative all throughout the process. Will definitely consider future transactions with them.”
Happy Customer
“I would highly recommend selling your collection to Plush Collectors - they did a great job with my very large collection.”
Simply Awesome!!
“Wish I would have known about this place when I first tried to sell my beanies. They are easy, honest, and fast!”
Excellence All Around !
“I was skeptical about this website but after reading the reviews I decided to give it a try. Very easy process and when I did have questions, email or by phone , there was always a prompt reply. Jason, at customer service, was super nice and patient with all of my questions. Step by step updates, Fed Ex tracking number provided and whole process was executed in a timely manner. After my order was approved my check was sent promptly via registered mail. I would definitely use Plush Collector again. I have already sent the website to all of my friends with plush! Thanks Plush Collector.”
Exemplary Service
“I can't believe how fast and easy it was to sell my collection. I highly recommend Plush Collector if you are looking to sell you ty teddies.”
Great doing business.
“Great doing business. Very easy to work with.”
Payment was on time
“Very pleased and received payment in a timely basis.”
Great company
“I found this company to be helpful, accommodating and professional. Ken always returned my phone calls and kindly worked with me. He was patient dealing with a non technical person. They kept their promise of free shipping. I am very happy dealing with this company.”
Made Money from Memories
“My mom recently gave me a suitcase full of Beanie Babies that I hadn't seen in years. After lots of searching, and resigning myself to the idea they weren't worth much, I found Plush Collector. They offered the most money for my collection, and I was able to get money via Paypal which was awesome! The process was quick and easy, and I had a blast looking through my old collection, and making a little money, too.”
No complaints here
“Good experience. Still have more beanies to sell.”
Great company
“Finally a company that helps you get rid of unwanted plush. They process is pretty fast and easy. Also their communication is great. Timely responses and all questions answered. I will definitely be using their services again and would recommend them. Thank you ”
Great experience
“Very helpful with all my questions and made my experience easy ”
Easy to work with
“I was looking for an easy way to sell some of my old beanie babies to help clear out the closet, and Plush Collector helped me do just that. I found them to be fast and efficient, and I appreciated the quick payment. Would definitely recommend!”
Great Transaction
“So glad I came upon Plush Collector when looking to sell my Beanie Babies. It was easy to submit the request for quote, and I received a response quickly. The entire process went smoothly and I was paid soon after they received my shipment. I would highly recommend Plush Collector and would use them again.”
Plush Collector was fantastic!
“Plush collector was fantastic! The process was easy and the payment fast! Will be doing more business with Plush Collector in the near future! Thank you!”
Too easy!
“I've been wanting to sell my collection and facing a move after 25 years was final motivation. Plush Collector made the process productive, profitable and painless!”
My Review
“I sold two separate batches to Plus Collector. They were very easy to work with - answered all questions, prompt response and quick payment. My only concern is that I wish they could pay more for the merchandise, but I understand the demand for TY product has decreased over the years.”
Waiting on more shipping labels as I write this
“So far so good I have sent in a couple of orders and all is well. Waiting on shipping labels as I write this.”
100% Satisfied
“I would highly recommend Plush Collector for anyone wanting to clear out their Beanie Baby Collection. They were helpful and met all expectations.”
The whole process is so easy
“Selling my beanie babies to plush collector was so easy. I received an immediate quote, then when I accepted the offer, I was emailed prepaid postage. All I had to do is pack and drop off at FedEx. Within a week, a check was in the mail to me. Made the whole process so easy.”
Plush Collector – I would certainly do this again
“My experience selling a large Beanie Baby collection from the 90's to Plush Collector was very positive. The website is easy to navigate and they are quick to respond to questions. I highly recommend this route if you are looking to sell $25.00 or more worth of Beanie Babies.”
Selling My Ty Beanie Babies
“I was pleasantly surprised on how easy it was. Got quote on what I had to sell, label from Fed-ex was easy to print out. Received my check and as happy as can be. Would highly recommend!”
Great Experience
“I came across this company when looking for options for our remaining inventory of Beanie Babies. I sent an email and Ken was quick to call me and explain how things worked.I submitted a number of orders and everything worked as Ken explained. Jason was also excellent in responding to questions I had as the shipments made their way through the process.Every aspect of my orders were fulfilled as agreed - no surprises. I would definitely do business with them again.”
Successful Toy Transaction
“The process to sell my Ty Beanie Babies to Plush Collector was very easy, and worked just as their website said it would. They give you exactly what they say, and I would certainly deal with them again. They provided a shipping label to send items to them, and let you know when they receive them. After they review the condition of your items, they deposit your money in PayPal and let you know. Everything was very satisfactory.”
Selling to plushcollector.com is as easy as 1-2-3
“I would strongly recommend selling your plush collectibles to plushcollector.com / I recently sold my 450 beanie babies to plush collector and they paid in full up front, paid delivery and did everything as we agreed to. I give them an A+ rating for honesty. This is one business you can count on to do as they say! It has been a pleasure doing business with them!”
Xtra Beanies and Buddies
“Was so glad to find Plush Collector. Great communication, Recieved FedEx label and payment in super fast time. Highly recommend!!”
Pleasure to work with!
“What a helpful, reliable business! Thank you!”
Simply a great company!
“Plush Collector is a great company! I recently sold them some plush's and they paid me right away via PayPal and provided my free prepaid shipping labels. Would definitely recommend!”
Bravo and Alleluia!
“I owned a store during the Beanie Baby craze and brought hundreds of them home over the years that we carried them. Sadly, this foresight was fruitless and I now know my BB collection will not make me rich in my old age - but how to clear them out? I happily discovered plushcollector.com and have been delighted. I have already been paid for my fist batch of 110 Beanies. This week I will take my second batch of 100 to ship postage paid to plush collector. Bravo and alleluia!!”
No Hassle Transaction
“If your stuff is in great condition and you want to sell it you will do well working with Plush Collector. Very easy transaction - no hassles.”
Best Online Sales Experience Ever
“Plush Collector contacted me and bought my entire Ty collection. They gave me a very good price - especially if you don't want to sell each one individually as it takes a lot of time & effort to do that. That being said, it was very amazingly fast and easy process & the payment was instant. Nothing but GOOD reviews here. I highly recommend them!Thanks Dave L.”
“Excellent company to do business with. Excellent communication and money deposited as promised. Plush Collector was wonderful ! I have forwarded contact information to others!”
Such a pleasure to work with
“I never sold anything through pay-pal before nor have I ever shipped. This company held my hand through the entire process and everything work so smoothly. A real pleasure to work with.”
Phenomenal Service
“After inheriting an attic full of Beanie Babies and other plush toys, I really didn't know how to proceed with selling them. But after contacting Plush Collector , the staff walked me through pricing, packaging and shipping.The whole experience was a wonderful surprise, after a few short days, I shipped my toys and received prompt payment. These people are great to work with, I would give them an A+ for their professionalism, and their willingness to help with all my toys... I would definitely recommend them for anyone looking to sell or buy Plush toys.Thanks again Jim Buster”


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