The global toy industry is currently worth 22 billion dollars. Part of this billion-dollar industry consists of plush toys. These stuffed animals are popular because they provide comfort and stress relief to whoever owns them.

The mass production of plush toys began in the early 1900s. The market continues to grow thanks to the addition of fictional plush characters. Selling plush toys is a business opportunity that has a guaranteed market.

Would you like to know how to sell a plush toy? Read on to get tips on everything you need to know about the plush toy trade.

Prepare the Plush Toys

Stuffed animals become dirty over time. It could collect bacteria if not maintained well. About 80% of teddy bears harbor bacteria that may become a potential health risk.

Before you sell plush toys, you should prepare them first. Clean the toy with a small brush and mild dish soap. This step prevents you from damaging the toy.

After scrubbing the dirt and stains, put it in a sealed pillowcase then, dry with a washing machine. The pillowcase protects the button eyes and nose of the plush toy. Brush the toy after wash and style as needed.

Now that your plush toys are clean, you can take photos. Write a description of the toy to attract buyers and even collectors.

Know Your Market

Before you sell plush toys online, research the toy market. Check what plush toys sell the most on online selling platforms. Research prices to get an idea of the market value of your plush toys.

Toys with connections to movies usually sell high, as they are toy collectibles. So, when selling plush toys, consider the ones that collectors want. Toy collectors collect toys that remind them of their childhood.

During the holiday seasons, parents look at toys as gifts for their children. You can sell to parents looking for unique toys to give their children. Cartoon plush toys are popular with kids, especially with babies and toddlers.

How to Sell Plush Toys

One of the first steps in a plush toy selling guide is knowing the price of the toys. You can visit online toy stores to compare prices. Know which toys are in demand by looking at various online listings.

Another way to sell online is through joining groups that focus on plush toys. Members are usually diverse, and finding a buyer becomes easier. This strategy is a preferred method for selling plush toys locally.

Selling platforms like Amazon and eBay allow you to cater to a global market. Here, you get to reach a wider audience. You can receive offers from collectors wanting to buy collectible items.

You can also create an online store and start selling plush toys. Building a website allows you to brand yourself and establish a name in toy selling.

Start Selling Plush Toy Today!

Selling toys is a way to generate extra cash. It is also one way to clear out the clutter at home.

Take time and make sure the plush toy you sell is in mint condition. Photograph the toy with good lighting to attract buyers. Choose the best-selling platform for your toys.

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