Along with their cute, cuddly, and soft exterior, your ty Beanie Baby may be packing a whole lot of value. So much value that counterfeit companies have made their fair share of money selling fakes to unknowing customers. The existence of fake Beanie Babies is not shocking information, but anyone looking to sell their Beanie Babies needs to keep it in mind. 

Unknowingly selling a fake Beanie Baby will not only damage your reputation as a seller, but it may affect the value of any future, making it harder to make money selling Beanie Babies

So how do you know if your ty Beanie Babies are authentic? All you need to do is keep one reading. The best methods of identifying a fake Beanie Baby are right below. 

1. Check the Tag

First of all, all Beanie Babies come with a heart shape tag connected to their body with a red piece of plastic. If your Beanie Baby does not have a tag or red plastic attachment on its body, take this as a sign that the Beanie Baby may not be real. Of course, there are instances where the tag was removed or damaged by the previous owner, meaning you will need to look at a few other features before determining its authenticity. 

If your Beanie Baby has its tag, check the information for spelling errors and irregularities in the font/coloring. In addition to this, all Beanie Babies have a yellow star attached to their tag, check and see if it is present and the right shade. If you notice any of the previous issues on the tag, the item is not real. 

2. Compare The ty Beanie Baby to Another

If you already have a Beanie Baby from the collection you’re selling or just have an identical one, compare the toy you’re trying to sell with its duplicate. If the font, tag, production year, weight, stitching, or any other defining features are off, the item is fake. This rule goes for all Beanie Babies but should be paid special attention to when purchasing rare ty Beanie Babies. 

Since rare Beanie Babies are worth more money and less likely to be owned by potential buyers, scammers will try to take advantage of this feature and sell obviously fake items. 

3. Look Into Their Eyes

One thing you can always count on is that your Beanie Baby will have a set of eyes and you can use them to detect a fake. Take an official image of the animal and use it to compare the distance between the toy and the image’s eyes. They should not be too far apart or too close together. 

If the eyes are a different color, shape, or size than the pair in the official image, they are fake. 

Selling Your Beanie Baby Online 

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