Beanie Babies were one of the biggest trends out there in the late 1990s. But, these toys can be worth a lot of money nowadays. In fact, rare Ty Beanie Babies can be worth thousands of dollars!

How do you know you’re actually paying for the Beanie Babies you’re looking for and that you’re not getting scammed out of money?

Keep reading to learn how to avoid Ty Beanie Baby buying scams.

Know The Language

There is specific terminology used when buying Beanie Babies. For example, the fabric tag at the bottom of the Beanie Baby is called the tush tag.

The materials that a Beanie Baby is filled with are the pellets. The tag that hangs from the Beanie Baby’s ear is commonly referred to as the ear tag, the hangtag, or the swing tag. This tag is in the shape of a heart. In Canada, Beanie Babies are required to have an extra tag for French translations, which is called the Canadian tags.

There is other, condition-based terminology, too. Beanie Babies can be in mint condition, MIP (mint in plastic), or MWMT (mint, with mint tags).

Watch Out For Fake Listings

Like with anything you buy online, you need to watch out for fraudulent listings when you buy Beanie Babies online. Just because a listing says that a Beanie Baby is rare doesn’t mean it actually is. Take a look at all the information in an advertisement, and evaluate it thoroughly. 

Just because something specific is listed in a posting, like the color of a Beanie Baby, doesn’t mean that it’s unusual. Ensure that you know what the normal specifications of a particular Beanie Baby are so that you’re not tricked into thinking it’s a rare variation when it actually isn’t. 

You need to be particularly careful when you’re looking at eBay listings. People often inflate prices or relist items on eBay, so it’s particularly prone to fraudulent postings. Instead, look for trusted buyers on dedicated platforms that are well-reviewed and offer proper buying and selling protections.

Be Careful What You Read

There are lots of Beanie Baby price guides out there or recommendations on the rarest types of Beanie Babies. The information contained in these posts isn’t always accurate. And, people could be making information up to suit their needs and artificially raising Ty Beanie Babies’ value. 

For example, there are famous Beanie Baby mistakes that make certain versions of specific Beanie Babies more valuable. These could be variations with the ear tag or the tush tag.

But that doesn’t mean that every Beanie Baby with a mistake is valuable. When you’re shopping for rare Beanie Babies, look for accurate information on what Beanie Babies are worth the most money. This will ensure that you’re not scammed out of your money.

Avoid These Ty Beanie Buying Scams Today

With this info, it should be easy for you to avoid Ty Beanie buying scams. Whether you’re buying or selling, it’s always important to be vigilant!

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