Ty sales doubled every year in their heyday, as children and adults alike fell in love with beanie babies. New releases sent people into a frenzy as people lined blocks and pounded pavements in search of a specific beanie baby. But did you know that your beanie babies could still be worth a lot of money?

It is time to sell your beanie babies. Whether they are in your attic or still on display, when you sell beanie babies, it can be a profitable endeavor. Plus, it is always nice to reduce your belongings

However, you need to follow the beanie babies selling advice to guarantee success. Otherwise, you could part with your hard-earned collection and earn less money than what they are worth. Here are the ultimate beanie babies selling guide to ensure success. 

Arrange Your Beanie Babies

Sort your beanie babies by generation so you know what you are working with. It is an easy way to organize to prepare to research each beanie baby.  There are a lot of limited-release beanie babies and beanie babies with quirks to look out for. 

Know Your Beanie Babies Value

The first step when selling beanie babies is to know their value. Do not underestimate how much these cute plush toys cost. While most beanie babies sell for less than ten dollars, several beanie babies can still fetch hundreds or thousands of dollars.

For example, Royal Blue Peanut was one of the original beanie babies and can collect up to $7,000. Humphrey, the camel, was the first beanie baby to retire, so he is worth around $1,200. 

The easiest way to research beanie baby value is to check online on selling sites. You can also get a quote from a buy-back beanie baby service. 

Check the Condition

One of the best beanie babies selling tips is to know their condition. Take time to look at each beanie baby, check their tags and overall condition. It can impact the price you can sell them for, so you do not want to be disappointed if it is lower than you initially thought. 

Consider Your Timing

It can also be helpful to sell beanie babies at certain times of the year. For example, a seasonal beanie baby such as Count may be more in-demand around Halloween.

However, the rarest beanie babies hold their value year-round. 

Select Your Selling Method

Once you know the value of your beanie babies you are ready to sell them. While you can sell your beanie babies locally, beanie babies selling advice usually indicates that selling online is the most reliable option.

If you want the best price, opt to sell to a collector. 

Sell Beanie Babies and Other Toys

If you are ready to sell beanie babies, then be sure to reap the benefits. And you do not even have to stop at beanie babies. You can also sell other plush toys!

Plush Collector offers the best prices for your collections. We would love to accept your beanie babies and other rare toys. Contact us today to learn how to get started. 

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