Beanie Babies swept the nation, sending collectors on a hunt for the rarest and cutest plush on the market. The early Beanie Babies had a limited release, which means there are only a few of them available to purchase.

This limited number made the value of these plush toys skyrocket and had collectors trying to keep them in mint condition.

Have you ever wondered what the most expensive Beanie Babies are? Here are ten that will fetch a pretty penny.

1. Royal Blue Peanut

Peanut is an adorable elephant that’s a perfect addition to any collection because he was one of the original Beanie Babies. The royal blue first addition is worth up to $7,000.

2. Quacker (Without Wings)

Who doesn’t love an adorable duck? Well, this one has a strange feature, Quacker was released without wings. This anomaly makes Quacker one of the rarest Beanie Babies worth about $630. 

3. Humphrey

As one of the earlier Beanie Babies, Humphry the camel is highly sought after. This was the first Beanie Baby to be officially retired, which makes it a must-have for any collection. A pristine version is worth nearly $1200.

4. Chilly

This adorable polar bear is one of the earliest additions to the Beanie Baby collection. And after being retired only two years after release, Chilly is a rare find. A first-generation Chilly can be worth up to $325.

5. Rex

Rex, who was introduced along with two other dinosaurs, was a part of the Dinosaur Trio. Counterfeits of this cutie are common. One trait a genuine Rex has is a 1995 copyright year with a value as much as $325.

6. Steg

The second member of the Dinosaur Trio was Steg, making him another rate find. Similar to Rex, a copyright year of 1995 on the tush tag is a must for him to be authentic. This dino is valued at around $310.

7. Bronty

The last member of the Dinosaur Trio was Bronty. Along with his dino brothers, finding a 1995 copyright year on the tush tag ensures that it’s not a counterfeit. The ratest of the Dinosaur Trio, Bronty can be valued as high as $360.

8. Flutter

This tie-dyed butterfly is a rare, original Beanie Baby. Released in 1995 and retired only a year later, this butterfly is highly desired by collectors. Authentic and with all the rags, this Beanie Baby is valued at around $190.

9. Caw

Caw was only in production for a year before retirement. With a third-generation swing tag, not birthday, and no poem, this crow is sought after for many collections. In mint condition, this crow is valued at around $150.

10. Orange Digger

This rare little crab is a must for any Beanie Baby collector. Digger comes in two colors, red and orange, but it’s the original orange that has the higher value. In mint condition, an orange Digger can have a value as high as $3,500.

The Most Expensive Beanie Babies of All Time

Most people—including the creator—couldn’t have predicted how much Beanie Babies would be worth. Who could know that a cute combination of plush and beans would have a value in the thousands one day?

Now collectors and enthusiasts can reap the benefits of their obsessions if they have some of the most expensive Beanie Babies in their personal collection.

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