Which Beanie Baby did you get first? Do you remember the thrill of picking it out from the store, bringing it home, and deciding whether or not to re-name it from the name on its ear-tag?

We do. We’re the kind of people that never grew out of toys. It started as collecting for fun, and now we buy Beanie Babies and other valuable toys for a living.

Yes, that’s right – we will buy your Beanie Babies and give you that corner of your garage back. To learn what you can expect from a sale, and which beanies are the most valuable, read our quick Beanie Baby value guide, below.

1. Royal Blue Peanut

One of the most famous Beanies, Peanut the blue elephant has adorable pink ears and a beautiful trunk. He was born on June 3, 1995, and was retired just a few months later in October of the same year. 

While prices vary by condition, the year it was made, the tag quality, and other conditions, you can get anywhere from $5.00 to $50.00 for first, second, or third-generation beanies. 

2. Humphrey the Camel 

Have you always dreamed of the expansive deserts of the Middle East? Wanted to ride a camel under the sunset? Humphrey the camel has done those things – and looked adorable doing it. 

If you have this camel-colored humpback in your collection, check the value of it on our site! 

3. Steg the Stegosaurus

We’ll close out our mini-list with this dinosaur, born in 1994. He’s brown, yellow, and green, and worth up to $50, depending on its condition. 

If you’ve got Steg in your collection, he’s your MVD! Most valuable dinosaur.

Here are some other Babies that could be worth big bucks: 

  • Rex
  • Caw
  • Bumble
  • Peking
  • Orange Digger
  • Bronty
  • Tan Inky
  • Grey Happy
  • Chilly 

… and more! Check our unique and rare TY Beanie Babies list here, then follow the instructions to sell them for top dollar. 

Your Beanie Baby Value Guide: What Makes a Beanie Baby Valuable

Just because you didn’t see your Beanies’ name above, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have resale value. There are hundreds of babies out there, each worth something to someone.

Babies in the best condition get more, no matter what model they are. That means having a well-preserved tag, no stains, and no sun fading.

How to Sell Your Beanie Babies

If you have babies that match that description, then we want to see them! We buy Beanie Babies from novice collectors, serious collectors, or people who just found a box of them in their garage.

Our website will walk you through all the details of selling Beanie Babies, from choosing your Beanie model to market value, to how to accept our bid.

Now that you’ve read our Beanie Baby value guide, all you have left to do is box them up, ship them, and wait for payment. Stop sitting on cold hard cash and send us your Beanie Babies today!


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