Every 90s kid had a Beanie Baby or two growing up. Almost 30 years after their release, you might be ready to get rid of the Beanie Baby’s gathering dust in your closet. Could you get some cash for your old toys?

Not every Beanie Baby is worth hundreds, and some might not sell at all. 

But don’t lose hope just yet, some Beanie Babies carry a lot of value.

Keep reading to learn how to determine Beanie Baby value, and how to cash in on your Beanie Baby collection. 


The condition of your Beanie Babies matters when it comes to determining price. If you have a rare Beanie Baby, but your dog chewed off the ear, it probably won’t be worth much. Your beanie baby will fit into one of the following categories.


Your Beanie Baby is considered to be in mint condition if it is near perfect. This means there are no signs of wear and all the tags are still intact. 

Near Mint

Is your beanie baby nearly perfect, but the tags are a little bent? Then your Beanie Baby classifies as near mint. Tags with small signs of wear will deduct from the value.


If the tags are fully bent or creased, the Beanie Baby’s condition is excellent. The actual Beanie Baby character is still in perfect condition.

Very Good

A Beanie Baby is considered to be in “very good” condition if the tags are missing or heavily damaged. Again, the actual character is untouched. 

Damaged or Played With

If your Beanie Baby character is damaged or has any sign of wear, then it is classified as “damaged or played with.” This is the lowest in terms of value. 

The Tags

As we saw with the different condition categories, a lot of the Beanie Baby’s value is tied into its tags

The tags show the Beanie Baby’s generation, therefore determining its rarity. You can also spot a counterfeit by a Beanie Baby’s tag. If there are any misspellings, the stuffed animal is a fraud. 


The first three generations of Beanie Babies are the rarest. Everything after that is considered common since they were mass-produced and easy to find. 

Common generations of Beanie Babies don’t sell for much, as they are non-collectible. However, you can get some money for any beanie babies to are unique are rare. 


A Beanie Baby’s value increases if the character is tied to a historical or pop culture event.

Take the Princess Diana Memorial Fund Beanie Baby for example. The value of this particular Beanie Baby is exponentially higher than a common Beanie Baby due to the fact that it’s tied to a historical event and was released in the early years of the franchise. 

Certificate of Authenticity

If you happen to have a certificate of authenticity, you will get even more money for your Beanie Baby. You can do this by going to a local authenticator. 

How to Determine Beanie Baby Value

Now that you’ve taken a closer look at your Beanie Baby collection and have an idea of its worth, it’s time to sell. Skip the hassle of posting your beanie babies on eBay and hoping someone buys your character.

Sell your Beanie Babies to Plush Collector and quickly get money for your collection. 

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