If you were a kid during the beanie baby era, you probably have several popular beanie babies in your basement. The beanie baby craze of the 1990s fell quickly when Ty Warner announced they were ending production on December 31, 1999. The final beanie baby is a black bear named “The End.”

Maybe you assume your collection isn’t worth much. After all, those slumpy, floppy animals were only $5 back in their heyday. What is a beanie baby worth today?

You may be surprised to learn which are the most valuable beanie babies. Maybe you have a few in your collection you can sell for big bucks. Keep reading to learn how kids of the 1990s beanie baby craze can cash in during 2022.

Most Valuable Beanie Baby Editions

Several beanie babies can get profitable returns if you want to part with them. If you were an avid collector, chances are you have at least one of these in your collection. Some beanie babies are rare and, depending on condition, may get you prices between $5.00 to $50.00, including the first, second, and third generation.

The value of your Ty Beanie Bears depends on several factors, including the genre, condition of the plush, and hangtag. Things such as marks, writing, or stains on the figure will impact the price. Contact Plush Collector for a quote on your beanie babies.

Vintage and Rare Beanie Babies

Bronty the Brontosaurus is a cute blue tie-dye dinosaur available from June 3, 1995, until retirement on June 15, 1996.  Bronty sports black button eyes and stands upright on all four of his legs.

Bronty is part of the McDonald’s teenie beanie baby collection. You will also find Bronty as a beanie buddy. Beanie Buddies are made precisely like beanie babies, except they are larger. Only select beanies are available as a buddy.

Counterfeiting does happen. Some indications you do not have an original Bronty are a copyright date not being 1995 or the fabric being any color other than blue/green.

Caw the Crow is black fabric with black eyes, except his beak and feet are bright orange. Caw’s introduction is June 3, 1995, and its retirement date is  June 15, 1996.

Caw only has a 3rd generation swing tag, so there is no poem or birthday. He is hard to find and is often sought out by collectors.

Chilly the Polar Bear hit the market on June 25, 1994, and went into retirement on January 7, 1996. This little bear has a smooth white material, and the eyes and nose are black. He is made in the original beanie baby style of being under stuffed and lying down.

Counterfeits may have a dirty white fabric, or the material is course. Counterfeits may also have a swing tag that has an orange tint.

Flutter the Butterfly has wings of rainbow fabric. She has a black body, black button eyes, and two black thread antennae.

Her release date is June 3, 1996, and her retirement date is June 15, 1996. You will only find Flutter with a 3rd generation swing tag.

Humphrey the Camel’s birthday is May 19, 1994, and his retirement date is June 15, 1995.  Humphrey’s coat is tan and his nose stitching and eyes are black. He has one hump with floppy legs. 

Production of only 25,000 makes Humphrey popular with collectors. He is also one of the original nine beanie buddies and became a McDonald’s Teenie Beanie in 2000.

Do You Have the Most Valuable Beanie Babies?

The above is only a partial list of the most valuable beanie babies. If you clean your basement and find beanie babies, check to see if they are valuable. Even if you don’t have those shown above, we invite you to contact us for a quote.

Plush Collector buys Ty Beanie Babies. The way it works is you request a quote. After you accept our proposal, you ship us your plush toys. We then pay you.

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