Your Ty Beanie Baby Condition Affects Its Value

At Plush Collector, we take great care in categorizing the beanies in terms of their overall condition and accept only the ones that fall within the domain of our condition policy. From exquisite antique collectibles to the more common ones (referred to as mass-produced), we come across a massive variety of beanies on a regular basis. However, your Ty beanie bears’ value is largely dependent on its overall condition. Now, before going ahead, let us first define what we regard as a new beanie and a used one, and the condition policies related to each of them respectively.

Let’s review how categorizes the condition of Beanies

An outlet or a collector may have beanies in two conditions: New or Used.

New Ty Beanie

All beanies bought and stored by a collector in the same ‘brand new’ condition as they were at the time of purchase are regarded as ‘new’, provided they still possess their heart-shaped Ty swing and tush tags in mint condition. In addition to this, they must never have been played with or manhandled and must be in perfect condition. We prefer ‘new beanies’ that have been preserved from natural wear and tear and exposure to extreme temperatures and humidity via storage in paper bags or Tupperware containers.

Used Ty Beanie

On the other hand, any Ty Beanie Babies, Ty Buddies or Ty Beanie Boos that have their swing tag missing or creased, have been tampered with or manhandled are largely considered as used beanies. Beanies, that have been played or cuddled with, have something written across them or are stained or soiled also fall under the ‘used’ category. Mass-produced beanies that have been creased, raffled, soiled or torn are not accepted at Plush Collector since they have zero resale value. However, in case your used beanie is a vintage collectible of sizable archaic value or a unique and rare style, we might be able to find some buyers for it. However, again, the value of your Ty Beanie Bears will be influenced by the level of wear and tear and the damage incurred by it.


Rare and unique beanies such as Flutter, Caw, Trap, Web, Slither, Chilly, Peking and Humphrey are considered quite valuable for their vintage style and design and can be sold even without the mint condition swing tag. We gladly accept all antique beanies, even if they are slightly ruffled or tampered with and quote your Ty beanie buddies value by assessing its condition.

However, the mass-produced styles that are abundantly available in the market must be in perfect condition for us to accept them. The heart-shaped swing and tush tags must be in mint condition and safely secured on the beanie, and the toy must be either brand new or in ‘as good as new’ state. In other words, we do not intend on buying mass-produced beanies, unless they are perfectly clean and free of any stale odors.

The condition of your beanie and the availability of the heart-shaped Ty tag are two of the key factors that determine not only the offer price we would quote for your product but also whether or not we would accept it at all.

Below are samples of the three main conditions of Beanies.

In the first image (left) the tag is in a mint condition, the second image (centered) the tag is creased, while the third (right) has no tag.




These conditions and among other factors stated above are used to determine our offer prices.


To learn more about our process, see our How It Works page.