I was happy when i found this website because i have loads of beanie babys that i need to sell. I didnt understand how to label them and i have so many so packaged them wrong. Plush collector contacted me and i don't remember the man's name but he was real hateful to me and had the attitude like he was doing me a favor by doing bs with me and nonchalant about continuing doing BS. Really didn't need my bs so i apolijized and made up another order as i thought i had a better understanding on packing them. Every order i sent to them going off the web site totaled one thing bur by the time i got payed my money was so much less than was supised to be. It would be that i labeled them wrong or their price chart changed. The last order i sent out was to total around 280.00 but by the time i got payed it was 145.00. They pay you threw paypal. Pay pal is the worst way to get you're money. Its a waiting game so by the time plush collector got my order and i got my money which wasnt neer what i was suposed to get a month passed then it was sent to Paypal wich i waited two weeks to be able to get the money in my account.
I was not pleased at all and still have lots of toys but the hassle just isnt worth it the money you get. I feel like i got cheated.

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